The Eastern League affiliate of the Cleveland Indians in Akron

I have friends that used to be gangsters; I have a lot of friends that work with them. You can see that they kind of look alike.” Latinos are not the only people noticing and collecting Homies. Zach Martin, 17, a self professed “probation kid,” lives in Santa Rosa and hangs out at the Abraxas Transition Program.

But, no, I knew we were funny. I knew we had a laugh. I knew we were very serious. About once a season, a controversy like this arises. A member of the Phillies, or a member of their extended family, will say something that rankles the fan base, and that something will get picked up by a media outlet, and that media outlet’s something will get picked up by other media outlets, and before you know it, gangs of neighborhood watchmen will be organizing on the corners of Rhawnhurst and Springfield and Bensalem and preparing to march with shovels and torches toward Citizens Bank Park. They are my least favorite stories, the ones about somebody saying something that upsets someone else.

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