(This is similar to how 360 video looks before it is processed

Coupled with the low price, that’s certain to make Spectacles a tough to get item for the holidays.The product transitions Snapchat which started as a way to share disappearing photos into a “lifestyle brand,” says Solis.Spectacles will become, “whether in this iteration or the next iteration, wearable devices to connect to Snapchat and other social networks, a way to share your experiences hands free,” says Solis.Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel toldThe Wall Street Journalthat taking photos from the vantage point of your eyes made more sense than holding up a smartphone, which is “like a wall in front of your face.”The new name SnapInc. Represents how the Venice Beach, Calif., company is diversifying into other products.(This is similar to how 360 video looks before it is processed astwo big circular balls of video. The new glasses aren’t expected to have as wide a view as 360 video.)Snapchat has been the leading proponent of vertical video smartphone clips produced by holding the phone in the vertical, instead of horizontal position, saying users feel more natural looking at their phones that way.

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