2F) recorded in the nearby Turpan Basin in western China

Perfect storm fires have been perpetuated by low humidity and heavy winds, conditions that have made the Kansas Plains a tinderbox. The state saw a particularly wet summer last year, said Todd Domer, spokesman for the Kansas Livestock Association. According to Domer, the grass that it brought is now fueling the fires..

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fake ray bans However, it was not the hottest spot for every single year in the survey. In 2003, the satellites recorded a temperature of 69.3C (156.7F) the second highest in the seven year analysis in the shrublands of Queensland, Australia. And in 2008, the Flaming Mountain got its due fake ray bans http://www.raybansaler.com/, with a yearly maximum temperature of 66.8C (152.2F) recorded in the nearby Turpan Basin in western China.. fake ray bans

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