But his patient handler, Margo Berman, a professor at Florida

He won that battle, because no matter who is in the room, Lee is likely the most honorable and revered person there. Thus, it is difficult to understand Judy Alves’ absurd accusations (May 31, “Memories of Lee County Courthouse”), like equating him with Osama Bin Laden. Has she never spent time in a history class? Has she read only Common Core history books? Is her letter really about Lee, race or politics?.

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“I think as athletes, sometimes we take what we do every day for granted,” Smith said. “When I heard about Paige story, it put things into perspective for me. I realized just how lucky we are to be able to play the sports that we do without worrying about the smallest things that could hurt us.”.

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“We play a lot of press coverage so you’re going to get your hands on people and that type of thing,” Foster told the Richmond Times Dispatch. “It’s no different when I watch everybody else when we watch other people’s film. I think (Hazell) needs to watch his own guys there, too.

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