Mulhall, who is graduating from the Law School, learned a

“I played football constantly,” he says. “Some days when I got home from school I wouldn’t even take my uniform off. I went through three or four uniforms a year. Analysis: Seemed out of sync or a step slow in November and December a likely result of missing time in the summer with a foot injury but now appears to be returning to his 2012 13 form in which he was an All ACC First Team selection. Harris’ numbers are down, which is a byproduct of Virginia having a more balanced offense. Harris has been nearly as efficient as last season.

Brian C. Mulhall, who is graduating from the Law School, learned a lesson in a middle school summer wrestling program that became central to the way he approaches life. You cannot always control opportunities, his coach told him, but you can control your attitude and what you do with whatever comes your way..

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