“He told villagers he estimated the district council could reap

motorists don’t heed dangers of trains

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Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags There are regularly plagues of rats and flies in the area it’s a serious risk to health.”We don’t have a planning system: we have a joke.”The Environmental Agency is yet to assess the proposal site, despite it being one year since the application was submitted, as it said it was ‘unable’ due to ‘increased workload’.Residents have since paid for their own experts to report back, and believe there could be a large amount of methane gas in the ground.They want the council to hault the application process until they have detailed reports.Villager Anne Morgan Smith, of campaign group Sutton Courtenay Action, said they have received around 350 signatures in the past week on their petition demanding a ‘fair deal’.Speaking at the village hall, she warned her neighbours there is ‘a tidal wave of development coming our way’.Sutton Courtenay county councillor Richard Webber, who was among about 150 walkers, said: “They have made a terrible mess of some villages in the county. We are in desperate need of a grand county plan for building houses. This place has had enough.”He told villagers he estimated the district council could reap between 7m and 12m from the New Homes Bonus government scheme if the plans go ahead.He added: “They have some serious concerns about specific planning applications as well as some understandable worries about the infrastructure needed to support housing on the village more generally.”I look forward to working with the parish council and the neighbourhood plan group as with other parishes in the district to address their concerns.”Ed Vaizey was also expected to attend the march but dropped out last minute.His spokeswoman told the Oxford Mail it was a ‘private matter’ before hanging up the phone.Roger Freedman, of developer London Regeneration which is hoping to build the 354 home site, said: “The application we have includes explicit delivery of significant additional and enhanced services and improvements Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags.

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