And its research last year showed that texting while driving

Those achievements are hard to overstate as, 15 years ago, women made up less than 10% of the force. Today, male garda still outnumber females by about three to one. The ratio is worse in the higher ranks all nine assistant commissioners are men, as are the force’s six most senior civilian managers..

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pandora earrings Gwent Police said it hoped the graphic video would be shown in schools around Wales and hopefully the rest of the UK.Gwent Police said it “facilitated” the crash between two cars in a bid to prevent future accidents caused by all people, but particularly young and new drivers.Lyn Samuel pandora jewelry, Gwent Police’s school liaison coordinator, said the film was a “very impactive road safety educational tool to help reduce the number of collisions involving young drivers across Wales”.Ch Insp John Pavett from Gwent Police Roads Policing Unit said texting and driving was happening on roads all over the country, despite the fact it is illegal.He said: “I hope that after watching this film motorists will think twice before picking up their mobile phone when behind the wheel and realise that a quick reply to a text message or answering a phone call is never worth putting theirs and other people’s lives at risk.”Recent RAC Foundation research showed reaction times slowed by 35% when 17 to 24 year olds drove while reading and writing text messages.And its research last year showed that texting while driving impairs motorists more than being under the influence of drink or drugs.It said nearly 50% of drivers aged between 18 and 24 texted while driving.As well as reaction times being slower, it said texters often drifted out of lanes, had poorer steering control and the overall driving performance was poor.Drivers face a fine and three penalty points on their licence for using hand held mobile phones. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more.This page is best viewed in an up to date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled pandora earrings.

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